Newark Dyke - Underbridge 278 Rail



Location: Newark Dyke, Newark

Client: Railtrack PLC

Scope: Design & Install a Bridge Pushing & Bridge Pulling system

Underbridge 278, also known as Newark Dyke bridge, carries the East coast mainline (ECML) over the river Trent. The existing 19th century crossing comprised of 2 No 80m span single track structures weighing 600Te each and was replaced with 2500Te bow string truss bridge.

Hevilifts designed 3 elements to the Newark dyke bridge replacement project
1. Install the bow string trusses over the river Trent
2. Pull the existing bridge out 60m
3. Push the new bridge into position 16m

Hevilifts worked with the designers to engineer a solution to install the new bridge trusses over the river during construction phase and have both bridges moving simultaneously during a bank holiday weekend closure. To facilitate this, Hevilifts designed a pulling system for the old bridge and a pushing system for the new bridge to be operated concurrently.