Skelton & Brotton IV Civil Engineering



Location: Skelton & Brotton, Redcar

Client: Redcar & Cleveland BC

Scope: Design & Install a Bridge pushing system

The Skelton & Brotton by-pass was completed by installing underbridge 12A which carried the Saltburn junction to Boulby mine line. The 4200Te bridge structure was pushed 46m down a 10% gradient into position.

Hevilifts designed the pushing system in conjunction with the bridge engineers. The 4200Te bridge was slid from the construction foundations onto the existing clay substrate, trimming the ground as the bridge was pushed.

2 No triple 750Te rams were positioned either side of the bridge and pushed the structure 1.5m at a time. The pushing rams were then relocated into thrust pockets constructed in the slab and pushed another 1.5m until the structure was in position.

The friction was unknown but Hevilifts allowed for a max 70% friction but only 42% was experienced.