Queen Victoria Street - Two Buildings



Location: London

Client: P.C. Harrington Contractors

Scope: Tensile Bar Stressing and Flat Jacking

95 Queen Victoria Street is an innovative building that was designed to overcome the land profile and maintain the views of St Pauls Cathedral. This was achieved by designing raking columns on the west façade. To keep the floor slab thickness to a minimum, high tensile Macalloy bars were installed, stressed and grouted by Hevilifts. This improved the floor slab strength and allowed 7 floors to be constructed. A combination of 36mm and 40mm diameter bars were used on levels 1 & 2.

In addition, Hevilifts installed several 100Te flat jacks at the base of the temporary works to pre-load the retaining wall and minimise settlement. 20No flat jacks were also installed to pre-load the elastomeric antivibration bearings at basement level, required due to the proximity of the Underground line.

Once the bearings had been pre-loaded the flat jacks were transfused from hydraulic oil to cementitious grout and became part of the permanent works.