Greasley Bridge Civil Engineering



Location: Nottingham, UK

Client: MVM Joint Venture

Scope: Cross-head and Bearing Replacement, Synchronised Jacking, Design and Installation of Temporaryworks

As part of the M1 Widening Scheme, a number of structures within the sector required some major maintenance and repair. Hevilifts were chosen by the MVM as the preferred specialist contractor for the removal and reinstatement of the central pier cross-head. The full scope of our package included;
• In-house design and erection of a bespoke jacking framework system
• Simultaneous jacking of the two bridge decks using our synchronised multi-point lifting unit
• Removal of the existing concrete crosshead
• Supply and installation of 14no. New elastometirc bearing pads
• Renewal of all reinforcement with stainless steel, linked to the existing with Ancon T25 MBT   couplers
• Re-construction of the crosshead using C50 high flow concrete

Throughout the works, the two decks were entirely supported by the frame on the top of which we had 4no 50t jacks with screw collars fitted to lock the jacks in position once energised. To minimise any effects to the environment during the hydro-demolition of the crosshead, the spent water was collected in a purpose made bund around the base of the pier, pumped to a tank, filtered, pre-treated with CO² and tested for Ph levels before being allowed into the storm drainage system.