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Crossrail C435 – Lindsey St Bridge

IMG_0959 IMG_0963The final tunneling stages of Crossrail project C435 was the escalator tunnel close to Lindsey St Bridge near Smithfield Market. There were concerns that the tunneling would effect the stability of Lindsey St Bridge and settlement would occur.

Lindsey Street bridge is a brick arch bridge adjacent to a live LUL line and comprised of 4 piers. Hevilifts were employed to design a jacking, control and monitoring system to jack the bridge should settlement occur

Jacking pockets were created beneath each pier to install a pair of jacks, all pairs of jacks were connected together as a single jacking point. Each pair of jacks had a dedicated pressure sensor and displacement sensor which was connected to a synchronised jacking and control station.

Once settlement was detected the pier jacks would be energised and the pier level adjusted back to it original level whilst the adjacent pier was monitored to determine the relevelling effects on that pier and adjustments made accordingly.

The jacking, control and monitoring system was in place for a 12 month period whilst the tunneling was completed. the jacking system had to keep the bridge piers within a tolerance of +/- 0.5mm


IMG_2357150Te Jacks



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