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Underline Bridge SWM2 Pumphouse Pre Loading

As part of the Pier strengthening at Pumphouse underline bridge there was a requirement to install 8 No flat jacks and inject them with grout to facilitate load transfer into the new pier additional pier strengthening concrete surround

Four universal beams were installed through the pier and the new con- crete support cast around the pier slightly shy of the UB’

During a ROR rail closure Hevilifts installed 8 No flat jacks 1No either end of each UB and slowly energised them simultaneously on cementi- tious grout to a pre-determined pre-load also checking that no displace- ment was evidentIMG_1775

Once the pre-load had been achieved the flat jacks were locked off de- flection monitored for 30 minutes post the load transfer to ensure no fur- ther settlement was evident


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