Oil & Gas

The accurate measurement of offshore platforms assists the engineers modelling the platforms performance in the field and simulate extreme changes in weather conditions, which effect the suitability and stability of the platform.

By making full use of its synchronised control systems, ensuring an even lift within +/- 1mm tolerance , Hevilifts can determine accurately the weight of modules as well as its centre of gravity. The module weight is continually monitored using load control sensors during the jacking process. All jacks are linked to central control panel which controls the jacks using PLC control software ensuring the module is not overstressed.

Alternatively, we can assess the weight of modules by making use of compressive load cells and electronic measurement equipment. Through this system, it is possible to automatically calculate and monitor de C.O.G of the module.

Hevilifts has been involved in the Northern sector of the North sea operations, namely the Leman Alpha Platform.