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Flat Jacks In Regent Street London

24 May, 2016

Hevilifts has been award the contract to supply and install Flat jacks to a key project in London’s Regent Street

Hevilifts Installing Maurer Bearings

23 May, 2016

Hevilifts and sister company Structural Systems UK are working together with Maurer UK Ltd  undertaking  bridge bearing and expansion joint survey works for clients in the UK. Should you want any assistance with you survey work or building costs for …

Crossrail C435 – Lindsey St Bridge

19 January, 2016

The final tunneling stages of Crossrail project C435 was the escalator tunnel close to Lindsey St Bridge near Smithfield Market. There were concerns that the tunneling would effect the stability of Lindsey St Bridge and settlement would occur. Lindsey Street …